How to Create XML Sitemap – Beginners Tutorial

XML SitemapYou will learn how to create XML Sitemap, how it is formatted, what it is for, how search engines crawls websites via Sitemap and many more in this article. You need to know XML for this tutorial. If you don’t have any previous knowledge on XML, I suggest you to read this article – Learn Basic XML – Tutorial for Beginners.

“Site” + “Map” = Sitemap – the meaning is clearly defined within it’s name. “Site” means website and “Map” is map – so it is map of website. Sitemap mainly represents structure of websites. It helps to navigate our websites quickly. XML is designed to hold structured data, that is why any sitemap is written / created in XML. Later, the XML Sitemap is some how fetched via PHP, ASP, etc. Continue reading “How to Create XML Sitemap – Beginners Tutorial”