How to Enable USB Debugging on Android Jelly Bean

USB Debugging and other Developer options in Android phone or tablet are most important thing for developers and advance users. I bet you have used it before if you played with stuffs like rooting, Installing Custom ROMs (CyanogenMod, Miui, etc.), Modifying system apps. From Android 4.2 Android Jelly Bean or above versions, you won’t be able to find USB Debugging option directly from Settings Continue reading “How to Enable USB Debugging on Android Jelly Bean”

How to: Handle JavaScript Onloads – Tutorial

Howdy folks,

This tutorial is for JavaScript beginners. Many beginners are confused often – why their code is not working properly. Onload event was and is the reason for many times. You many have wrote the code properly but you did not called it at right time.

You can use internal JavaScript within <script>, you can use inline javascript or you can use external JavaScript file (script.js). Continue reading “How to: Handle JavaScript Onloads – Tutorial”

How to: Bypass Opera Mini Countdown Timer Tutorial

Hi guys, this post is all about Bypass Opera Mini Countdown Timer

As you already know, Opera mini does not support multiple frames – it uses their public proxy and render websites like screenshots. So, no animation (CSS animation, GIF image animation or any other animation) is supported by Opera Mini. That’s the secret – that’s why this is so fastest browser. Continue reading “How to: Bypass Opera Mini Countdown Timer Tutorial”

How to – Setting Proxy on Android Phone / Tablet Device

Hi folks. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to setting proxy on Android phone / tablet to get connected to the Internet. When it comes to term of cheap mobile internet connection, many network operators serves their customer Internet via proxy server and it might not support all protocols like FTP, SMTP, etc. You maybe want to use proxy to hide yourself – to be anonymous while surfing on the web. Continue reading “How to – Setting Proxy on Android Phone / Tablet Device”