Add and Delete Nodes from HTML page using JavaScript

Almost in every dynamic pages, we always need to add and delete nodes / elements / tags. This tutorial is about how to do that
using JavaScript. So, you need to have a minimum knowledge on HTML and JavaScript. I you don’t, please check the tutorials
on HTML and JavaScript before we start. It will be done by appendChild and removeChild function of JavaScript. Continue reading “Add and Delete Nodes from HTML page using JavaScript”

Balancing Columns – Making Two DIVs Equal Height using jQuery

Hi guys, you may have faced problem with Balancing Columns – making two DIVs equal height. Balancing columns with CSS is not possible. You can use JavaScript/jQuery to do that in very dynamic way. JavaScript can do the job pretty well, but I recommend to use jQuery to Balancing Columns more flexibly and in very short. You can use jQuery’s regular $(window).ready event. $(window).load will do the job but it’ll delay to balancing the columns height until the page id completely loaded. If you use $(window).ready event, make sure that you put the function at the bottom of external .js file. So, let’s do this. Continue reading “Balancing Columns – Making Two DIVs Equal Height using jQuery”

Handling External Links using JavaScript

External Links Handler is always good choice to alert your users when they clicks on External Links (link that outside of your website). It is also useful to be legal. If your users clicks on a external link,
you can alert them – they are going out, you won’t be responsible of any content on that external link and ask for their confirmation. Doing this is very simple using JavaScript built-in confirm() function. Continue reading “Handling External Links using JavaScript”

How to Handling and Validating HTML Forms in JavaScript – Tutorial

In this tutorial we are validating HTML forms with JavaScript. This JavaScript tutorial is only about client side form validation.

Handling and validating forms in JavaScript is quite easy. We are going to validate a simple HTML form via JavaScript from client side only. Make sure to re-validate the form through server side too as we can’t relay only on client side validation – validating forms on client side is just for better user friendliness. Continue reading “How to Handling and Validating HTML Forms in JavaScript – Tutorial”