Stuck at installing apps from Google Play Store? Solution is here!

Many of you may have very slow 2G/EDGE internet connection on your Android phone and you’re stuck at installing apps from Google Play Store. The reason behind this is Google Play Store transfers data in background to update itself or something else. Without completing the background data transfer, Play Store won’t start downloading apps. It will be showing Downloading, loading bar will be running, you will also see data is receiving on the status bar at the top of your screen – but the download won’t start!

To solve this problem, follow these steps below.

  1. Search your app you want to install and click on INSTALL > ACCEPT
  2. Now, minimize play Store and go to SettingsApps > RUNNING
  3. If you found Google Play Store and Google Play services then tap and stop both
  4. Clicked on show cached processes, and if you found them again – stop them again
  5. Now Open play store again and your download will just start :)

I hope this post helped you. If you have any problem regarding installing apps from Google Play Store, leave a comment.

Thank you!


  1. George says

    Hey it worked, Than you :)
    but it keeps doing it every single time I try to download an app. What else can I do other than goin into that process every time? :(

    • says

      Hi George,
      You’re welcome!
      For now, to avoid this – you can use high speed internet 😛 (that is not good)
      If I found something good about this, I’ll post it here.

  2. Zheng says

    Hey! Thanks a lot. I’ve tried a lot of ways, clear cache and data, all that did not work.
    You solution worked! But seems that after the apps started downloading, it stops again.
    Any explanation to that?

  3. Patrik says

    WOW man it actually really WORKS!! i asked on google play supp and nothing of that worked but this is great ! thanks !

  4. ramnik says

    Hey I’m trying to download a specific app but it get stuck on ‘downloading’, other apps can download its just this one.

    I’ve tried the above but it still isn’t working, any ideas?

      • ramnik says

        I managed to figure it out.
        It wasnt anything with google play it was just me being absent minded, but perhaps this might be the case for other people too since its easy to not realise but:

        I did not have enough space on my device to install the app, and the device does not provide any warning or message about that, it just gets stuck at downloading.

        • says

          That’s great.
          This is another experience, it might help people with similar problem.
          Thanks for the reply rather than being silent after it got solved :)
          I’ll append it to this post ASAP as another solution.

    • says

      Hello Soham,
      Try these below.
      1. Update Google Play Store to latest version.
      2. Clear the data/cache of Play Store (Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All tab > Play Store > Clear data)
      3. Reboot your phone and try again.

  5. abhijit says

    i cant fiund Google Play Store and Google Play services in the running apps though i di as you said

    • says

      Thats great, I’ve also mentioned the same here.
      I’ll finally add it to the post as a solution.
      The goal is to put all possible solutions on same place.
      Thank you mate.

  6. says

    Please help me with this issue :( really upset not able to download any app its jus new phone i took..i tried all the things as u said but nothing works out i rebooted my celll 5 time since now still nothing is possible :( HTC desire 300

  7. says

    I too had this very annoying problem. I tried all the suggestions I could find online. Clearing data, cache for google play+services, allowing background processes etc etc etc. It did not solve the issue. Since i’m so happy i’ve found the solution i’m going to type the steps in caps : GOTO SETTINGS > APPLICATION MANAGER > GOTO TAB ALL > GOTO GOOGLE PLAY, UNINSTALL ALL UPDATES > GOTO GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES, UNINSTALL ALL UPDATES. Reboot your phone, goto google play (it has the old design, no worries it will update shortly) and you can download all the apps you want!

  8. jorge says

    it really works on my proscan plt8235g. many thanks to you., now my problem is how to get the latest firmware and to root plt8235g android,

  9. Ahmed says

    thank you René it worked for me , thanks a loooot , im on Evermiracle and i have enough space but i was stuck , really thank you u saved my phone’s life because i was about to throw it hhh , thanks again

  10. moon says

    hello can u help me when i install or uninstall apps it goes to google verify apps and crashes this dont me to let install or even uninstall apps plz tell me wat to do to repair this issue lol plz reply quick and thnx

  11. happygal says

    I just donno how to thenk u man I tried evrtn i could w my tablet I took it to repair shops but no one found a solution,i still cnt blive is working again thank you so much

  12. Sumit Rastogi says

    Hi Arpan Das,

    What is the solution you have for infamous android error message “Insufficient Storage Available”. I have tried many options but no way.

    Please inform me if you have some idea. I don’t want to go for rooting as my set is under warranty (just bought in Feb 2015; I have Micromax A104 Canvas Fire2)

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