Convert an Image to Text (OCR) using MS Office Document Imaging

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In this article I’m going show you how to convert an image to text using Microsoft Office Document Imaging Tool. This method is also known as OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Suppose we have the following image, for image to text conversion (OCR).

text within image

Now, follow step-by-step procedure below to convert this image to text.

Step 1:

Download the image to your hard drive and open the file with MS Paint.

Image to text OCR step 1: open the image with MS Paint

Step 2:

Press F12 and save the image as TIFF(*.tif; *.tiff) file.

save the image as TIFF(*.tif; *.tiff) file

Step 3:

Open Microsoft Office Document Imaging  from Start menu -> All programs -> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Office Tools and open the .tif file with it. You can drag and drop the file in it or press CTRL+O and select the .tif file.

Image to text OCR step 3 open the tif file with MS document imaging

 Step 4:

Go to Tools and click on Recognize Text Using OCR. Now press CTRL+A to select all as text or you can select it as regular text using mouse.

Press CTRL+C or Right click -> copy to copy the text.

Image to text OCR step 3 open the tif file with MS document imaging

You can use this method for scanned documents. If the image is unclear, MS Office Document Imaging might not detect text from image properly. Its good for high resolution scanned documents. Hope OCR is useful for you. If you need any help, please comment below.

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  1. Sambasivam says

    trying to convert tamil image document to text but not able to do so can you guide me please. Thanks and Regards, sambasivam

  2. Keerthi says

    Iam using Microsoft office document imaging. While copying the text from image and pasting the text is not rendered properly. It is displaying ascii characters while pasting. What should i do to overcome this? Thanks..

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